Tundra Tauntaun

Mount Information: 

Adapts to your speeder piloting skill.

15 Tauntaun Domestication Data.


The perfect mount for excursions to the flatlands. The Tundra Tauntaun is a reptomammal indigenous to icy climates such as Hoth. An expert creature handler can domesticate Tauntauns as riding animals.

Guide to Obtain: 

To own a Tundra Tauntaun mount you need to collect enough 'Tauntaun Domestication Data', there are two ways to do this:

1. Purchase Domestication Data from the Tauntaun Handler on Hoth.

  • Costs 1.5 million credits.

2. Taming Tauntauns.

  • Purchase from the Tauntaun Handler 'Tauntaun Lure' you should buy as many as you can afford (99 recommended) as you will most likely use them all.
  • Now head for the nests (use macrobinoculars to find) once at a nest feed the lures to the taun fawns then hope you lure out an adult tauntaun but the chance is very small (you can change instances or find other nests as feeding the tauns has a 30 minute cooldown).
  • If you manage to attract a tauntaun you must help defend its nest from attackers, if you succeed you will receive a Tauntaun Domestication Data (you need 15 of them to buy a Tundra Tauntaun).

More Info:

  • Can purchase for one character only.
  • Tundra is only available to subscribers.

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