Mount Information: 

Level Requirement - Players level 1 or above.

Mount Speed - Movement speed 280.

Obtained - Store.

Type - Different versions available.

For Snarl EU (Tera GameForge) click HERE


Guide to Obtain: 
  • You can purchase this mount from the Tera Store. Snarl comes in two different versions.
  • Snarl Permanent Account Mount - Costs 2995 EMP.
  • Snarl Permanent Character Mount - Costs 1995 EMP.


  • The Wolf Rider Boxes have a rare drop chance to contain one of the Spirit Wolf Mounts.
  • For a chance to obtain a Snarlheart Wolf (blue spirit wolf) purchase Snarlheart Wolfrider Box: Snarlheart will replenish your Stamina.
  • For a chance to obtain a Snarlspring Wolf (blue spirit wolf) purchase Snarlspring Wolfrider Box: Snarlspring will replenish your MP.
  • For a chance to obtain a Snarlstorm Wolf (blue spirit wolf) purchase Snarlstorm Wolfrider Box: Snarlstorm will replenish your HP.
  • With these boxes you are always guaranteed a semi-enigmatic scroll but the mounts are only a drop chance, good luck.


More Info:

  • Mount is first summoned from your skills menu.
  • Binds on Equip.
  • To claim this mount on any character restart your game and launcher. The mount will then appear in your Item Claim (in Tera Shop tab).